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Fourth Semester Beginning in August (August 2022) Career Related B A, BSc, B Com, BPA, BBA, BCA, BMS, BSW, B VOK ANY CBCSS (CR) (Regular 2020 Admission, Improvement / Supplementary 2019 Admission, Supplementary 201618 Admission, 2014 & 2015 Admission Mercy Chance) July 7 for exams up to July 7 with a penalty of Rs.150 / – You can apply online till July 11 with a fine of up to Rs 400. Detailed information on the website.
Fourth Semester CBCSBA, BSc, B.Com Degree (Regular 2020 Adm. Session, Improvement 2019 Admission, Supplementary 2018, 2017, 2016 Admissions, Mercy Cha A fine of Rs.150 / – for admissions 2015 and 2014) till July Online till July 7 and a fine of Rs 400 till July 11. Let’s pay. Detailed information on the website.

Time table

First Semester CBCSBA, BSc, B.Com Degree (Regular 2021 Adm. Session, Improvement 2020 Admission, Supplementary 2019, 2018, 2017 Admissions, Mercy Cha Publication of Updated Time Table of Examinations 2016, 2015, 2014 Admissions) Rich. Detailed information on the website.

First Semester Career Related BA, BSc, BCom starting on 29th , BBA, BCA, BMS, BSW, BWOK ANY CBCASS (C) R) (Regular 2021 Admission, Improvement / Supplementary 2020 Admission, Com. Plenty 201719 Admission, 201416 Admission Mercy Chance) Updated for Exam The timetable has been published. Detailed timetable on the University website.

Y v vo c

Part Three BA English Language and Literature Annual Scheme April 2022s Viva Voce of the Degree Examination April 2022, June 29, The games will be held on July 1 and 2. Detailed timetable on the University website.

Exam result

Part Three September 2022 Part 2021 Session B.A.D.Gree Annual Scheme Pvt. Sociology and Political Science of Registration Students Results of subjects other than, Arabic (Main & Subsidiary) July. You can apply to Lu. Details on the website Distance Education Center in February 2022 Results of the third and fourth semester M.Sc. Mathematics examination will be published. Thickened. Applications for scrutiny and revaluation are due by July 6. Details can be found on the website

Special examination

Second Semester December 2021 CBCA SSBA, BA due to Code 19 Student who is unable to appear for S / C and B.Com (CR) exams Candidates can apply for the special examination. Students’s name, candidate date code, program name, course The application, which includes: With the testimonials of Kupi by July or the Principal Must be submitted.

Free Online Entrance Training (KEAM)

Student Circle University College of Engineering Ring Plus Two Student Conducts Free Online Entrance Training (KEAM) for students. Students interested in enrolling in the College for Registration Link Visit Website (www.ucek.in) For Details View: 9447324434 / May Runni Sa: 8129990007 / Vidya: 8281867712


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