Exceptional back-to-school bonus: 100 euros, but for whom?

EXCEPTIONAL BACK-TO-SCHOOL BONUS. New aid has been announced as part of the purchasing power law. An exceptional back-to-school bonus of 100 euros will be paid in September to more than 10 million in France. Dates, conditions for obtaining, difference with the back-to-school allowance… We tell you everything.

New aid to help get through the start of the new school year, which promises to be particularly tense and difficult for many households, is the solution chosen by the government and approved on August 4, 2022 by Parliament as part of the purchasing power law. . The “exceptional back-to-school bonus”, amounting to 100 euros, will be paid to more than 10 million beneficiaries. Who are they, what will be the payment date? Here are the first answers to your questions!

Yes, this aid does not replace the back-to-school allowance, the ARS, paid to its beneficiaries to cover the costs of the start of the school year, especially in this context of inflation. An eligible household will therefore be able to receive both aids. The back-to-school allowance must be paid earlier, from August 16, 2022. Increased by 4% in 2022, the back-to-school allowance represents an amount of 392.05 euros for a child aged 6 to 10, 413 69 euros per child aged 11 to 14, and 428.02 euros per child aged 15 to 18.

Presented as an aid for low-income workers, in particular during recent exchanges in the Senate, the exceptional back-to-school bonus will ultimately be paid to many households benefiting from social minima. These include beneficiaries of the AAH, the allowance for disabled adults but also those of personalized housing assistance, APL, or scholarship students. Here is the list of beneficiaries concerned by this new aid:

  • beneficiaries of the specific solidarity allowance
  • the solidarity allowance for the elderly,
  • active solidarity income (RSA),
  • allowance for disabled adults (AAH)
  • personalized housing assistance (APL)
  • scholarship students.

Initially excluded from the system, the beneficiaries of the activity bonus should finally receive this exceptional back-to-school bonus. Bercy told Ouest-France that a decree to this effect was expected. Their addition to the system would increase the number of beneficiaries from 8 to more than 10 million people.

100 euros per household is the announced amount of this exceptional back-to-school bonus. To this will be added 50 euros per child. Beneficiaries of the activity bonus could receive a different amount.

As its name suggests, this new aid is intended to be paid at the start of the school year, probably in September. However, the exact date is not yet known. Asked about RTL on August 4, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire mentioned “during September” as the only clarification.

A priori, no action is to be taken. Since this bonus is conditional on the granting of other aid, its payment should be automatic. However, you can contact your family allowance fund, the CAF, for more details.


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