Exceptional increase in unemployment benefits in April

Exceptional increase in unemployment benefits in April

After the revaluation of 2.9% decided at the end of June last year, the social partners decided this Friday to increase again the allowance paid to the unemployed, by 1.9% in this case, to take account of inflation. Almost unanimous – only the CGT abstained – this boost is exceptional because it can only occur once a year, on July 1.

As a result, the measure is suspended by a government decree in the process of being validated by the Council of State, the unemployment insurance scheme again obeying a deficiency scheme this year. The revaluation will apply from April 1 for all people who have been compensated for more than six months from this date.

What about next July 1?

As it should be, the starting positions were all far from the end point of negotiation. In the employers’ camp, the Medef started with a proposal of +1.6%. On the union side, the CGT asked for +6%, FO +3.5%, the CFE-CGC +3.3%, the CFTC +3%, and the CFDT +2.9%. All, except the CGT therefore, finally accepted.

“It’s always that, and we could not refuse to endorse this boost that we had requested”, reacted Michel Beaugas for FO. “The question now is whether this revaluation preempts that of July 1st,” asked Jean-François Foucard for the CFE-CGC.

In February, the average net amount paid to unemployed workers on compensation was 1,006 euros, according to Unédic. On this basis, the revaluation therefore represents a little more than 19 euros. It should be noted that the social partners have agreed to review the minimum allocation floor (currently 30.42 euros before revaluation of 1 April) from 1is July, said Denis Gravouil, for the CGT.


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