Excited? A glimpse into the new season of “Doll of the Night”

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“Doll of the Night” returns for a new season on the sports channel in an episode that will air today (Monday) at 22:00. The program will once again be led by the host “Shoko” (Eli Ben David) and a variety of puppets, characters and guests. Finally, the beloved panel associated with the program, which contains first-rate stand-up comedians: Eli Yitzpan, Asi Israeloff, Shalom Michaelshvili, Yaron Berlad, Avi Nussbaum and Miko Jamal, will return to the screen. The imitations of the panel members have already taken a place of honor in the Israeli sports scene.

“Puppet of the Night” first appeared on the sports channel in 2011 and became the most talked about sports program in Israel overnight, accompanying the news and attractive events in sports and bringing a satirical angle on what is happening in the sports world, on and off the fields. The program is considered one of the most prestigious and invested productions of the sports channel.

The show has become very popular and some even define it as a cult. The show’s second season aired in 2012, in 2014 The third season aired and in April 2016 the fourth season began airing. A series has also been broadcast in the past Spin off on Channel 10 Named “Doll of a Country,” which deals with politics. The fifth season of the show, which was scheduled to air in March 2018, was postponed to an unknown date about three days before its scheduled airing. Luckily for fans of the show, in April 2020 the sports channel announced that the show would come back to life and reach a new season on the occasion of the war on the Corona virus. That season included only 4 episodes.

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