Execution of Nimishapriya; The Center will provide assistance in appeals and assistance in going to Yemen

The Center will also provide assistance to reach Yemen for talks


Delhi, First Published Mar 15, 2022, 12:18 PM IST

Delhi: The Central Government will assist in the appeal against the execution of Nimisha Priya to the Supreme Court of Yemen. The Central Government has stated its position in the Delhi High Court. The Center will also provide assistance to reach Yemen for talks. The Delhi High Court has ruled in favor of the petitioner.

Save Nimisha Priya has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court seeking the Centre’s intervention to save the life of Nimisha Priya, a Palakkad native who was sentenced to death in the murder of a Yemeni citizen. The petition sought to direct the Center to intervene at the diplomatic level.

Nimisha Priya, a native of Kollengode, Palakkad, was sentenced to death last Monday in connection with the murder of Yemeni citizen Talal Abdumahdi. The death sentence was upheld by the Sanaa Court of Appeal. Nimisha Priya, with the help of the Indian Embassy, ​​approached the appellate court against the death sentence passed by the trial court. Arguments in the case were completed last January. Moment Priya wanted to be acquitted or spared the death penalty on the grounds of being a woman. However, the court upheld the woman’s death sentence.

On July 25, 2017, Nisha Nimisha, a native of Kollengode, Palakkad, killed her beloved Yemeni father Talal Abdumahdi and hid her in a water tank at home. Nimishapriya was running a clinic with Talal. Moment claims that Talal Abdumahdi, a Yemeni citizen who offered to help start his own clinic, was brutally tortured after his passport was confiscated. They alleged that he was tortured and threatened without leaving the country after seizing his passport.

Talal was killed by injecting an overdose. The body was then hidden in a water tank on the roof of the house. Moment says the murder was committed out of intolerance. There are records in Yemen that Moment is the wife of Priya Talal. But Moment’s argument is that it was only a temporary document made to obtain a license for the clinic. Nimisha had alleged that Talal had cheated her and swindled lakhs of rupees.

Hanan, a colleague from Yemen, was also arrested in the case. Following the lower court’s death sentence, the lower court appealed. Relatives and locals of the slain Talal Abdu Mahdi were present in front of the court in protest. Hundreds of people have come to court to uphold Nimisha Priya’s death sentence. Talal Abdumahdi’s family was given blood money and tried to avoid the death penalty but was unsuccessful.

Amma wants central and state governments to intervene for Nimishapriya’s release
Kochi: Amma Prema said that the Central and state governments should intervene for the release of Nimisha Priya. They said there was still room for appeal in the case and demanded government help. She said government assistance was also needed to hand over the ransom.

Prema responded that there was false propaganda going on through social media and that the moment Priya had not committed any crime. She said the lower court verdict, which came when she did not get legal help, was a setback for the moment. She told Asianet News that she wanted to go to Yemen to see her daughter and was looking into the possibility of this.

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