Executives of Aekyung Industrial strengthen ‘responsible management’ through stock purchase

Executives of Aekyung Industrial strengthen ‘responsible management’ through stock purchase

Executives, including CEO Lim Jae-young of lifestyle beauty company Aekyung Industrial, expressed their will for ‘responsible management’ by purchasing their own shares.

CEO Lim Jae-young purchased 1,000 shares as part of responsible management. The acquisition unit price is KRW 17,300 per share, and the total purchase amount is approximately KRW 17.3 million. Following the purchase of a total of 8,000 shares last year, CEO Lim Jae-young purchased treasury stock again this year to practice responsible management and further strengthen shareholder trust.

A procession of stock buybacks by new executives followed. Executive director Kim Sang-joon and managing director Lee Hyeon-jeong bought 5,000 shares and 1,000 shares, respectively. The acquisition unit price is 17,455 won and 17,550 won, respectively. The purchase amount is approximately 87.3 million won and 17.6 million won, respectively.

An official from Aekyung Industrial said, “The executives of Aekyung Industrial actively started buying their own stocks under the confidence that they can grow further by increasing the value of the company through customer-oriented management.” It contains the will to overcome and continue to grow through responsible management.”

Reporter Kim Hyun-joo [email protected]

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