On the occasion of the World Health Day Fit.Comm, theFitness Association for Commercial Enterprises, which unites for the first time i main commercial players in the fitness sector operating on the Italian market (Virgin Active, Egosistema with the Prime and Palestre Italiane brands, McFit, Orange, FitExpress) launches the appeal to the Government: “Exercise is like a drug. It improves the quality of life and is a fundamental tool of public prevention. It is therefore considered to all intents and purposes as a tax-deductible element of health ”.

This was reiterated today by Fit.Comm President Francesco Iezzoni during a day of debate on the Association’s Youtube channel which was attended by various actors of Italian ‘well-being’: Claudio Cricelli, President of the Italian Society of General Medicine, the main national organization of the family doctors, Andrea Abodi, President of the Istituto Credito Sportivo; Paolo Menconi, President of the International Fitness Observatory.

After 8 months of forced closure of gyms and swimming pools, out of 13 of health emergencies and with no prospect of reopening soon, the international anniversary offered the opportunity to discuss central and strategic issues for the future of the sector and the country.

Starting with one of the “collateral damage” that the pandemic is bringing with it, namely the explosion of chronic diseases due to the worsening of people’s lifestyles.

A situation that affects both the health of individuals, the productivity of businesses and the sustainability of the National Health System.

Encouraging people to move – by making it possible for everyone, without age or expense limits, to enroll in the gym on medical prescription – is the proposal that Fit.Comm. recently also presented to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and which will be addressed by Deputy Minister Laura Castelli.

The theme of the new professionalism and skills that physical exercise professionals will have to put in place to educate Italians about movement and an active and healthy lifestyle is fundamental. The figure of the kinesiologist, fresh from official recognition in the national system, was at the center of the speech by Daniele Iacò, President of the Italian Committee of Motor Sciences.

Fit.Comm’s goals are different but the real goal is support the practice of sport and physical activity in general among people of all ages, as fundamental tools for achieving the psycho-physical well-being of each individual within society.

In fact, the 5 founding companies of FIT.COMM represent a significant slice, certainly the most structured, of the Italian Fitness market. Coneltre 130 Clubs and almost 500 thousand members throughout Italy, the 5 companies count more than 5 thousand between employees and collaborators, by a total turnover of over 221 million euros.

A significant reality from a quantitative point of view, which aims to become decisive also in terms of the quality of the offer. All the realities that adhere to FIT.COMM have in facti established strict common protocols in compliance with current legislation to ensure the safety of all users of their Clubs in the post-Covid period.

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