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A project by the Circle of Readers pays homage to the narrator by highlighting the various aspects of his production, art and cinema criticism, partnerships with painters and directors

A marathon of events, exhibitions, lectio, author rereadings and online meetings, all dedicated to Alberto Moravia (Rome, November 28, 1907 – September 26, 1990): Born to tell. Rediscover Alberto Moravia, a project carried out by the Turin Circle of Readers Foundation together with the Gam Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Turin, the National Cinema Museum, and in collaboration with the Alberto Moravia Fund Association, Bompiani and Gallerie d’Italia. The initiative aims to rediscover the figure of Moravia by highlighting all the many facets of him, not only as a narrator but also as an essayist and art and cinema critic, associate of artists, great traveler and travel narrator.

The project is prepared by a series of online meetings, Alberto Moravia, without indifference curated by Luca Ricci, which opens on Tuesday 7 February and continues on 14, 21 and 28 (subscription to 4 meetings e 20, free for I read more card holders). In March, the many Turin initiatives of the project: Tuesday 7 March opens at the Turin Gam the exhibition I don’t know why I didn’t become a painter, curated by Luca Beatrice and Elena Loewenthal, director of the Circle of Readers Foundation: the itinerary winds through Moravia’s activity, with her interventions in Corriere della Sera, Gazzetta del Popolo and other newspapers, and outlines her links with the world intellectual and artistic Roman.

Among the evenings dedicated to Moravia, Tuesday 7 at the readers’ club the reflection of Dacia Marainion March 9 the intervention of Alain Elkann with readings at the Gallerie d’Italia, on 28 March the Moravian marathon conducted by Elena Loewenthal at the Readers’ Club on the writer’s critical and essayistic horizons. The National Cinema Museum of Turin will offer screenings dedicated to the directors who brought Moravia’s works to the cinema: Bernardo Bertolucci with The conformistVittorio De Sica with The ciociaraJean-Luc Godard con The contemptCitto Maselli with The indifferent. The completion of the project in Maywith a closing event during the XXXV edition of the International Book Fair.

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