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All members of the scientific expedition who were on the Russian research ship Akademik Ioffe, which had been detained by Denmark, are returning to Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science in Moscow said. They were moved “on board” Akademik Nikolai Strakhov “and sent to the port of Kaliningrad,” the department said on the Telegram channel on Monday, November 22.

According to him, there were 61 people on board the Akademik Ioffe, including 38 crew members and 23 members of the expedition. At the same time, one of the members of the expedition of the Russian ship was a French citizen.

The arrest of the ship was an interim measure in a third party claim

On November 3, the Russian Embassy in Denmark announced the arrest of the Russian ship “Akademik Ioffe” two days earlier at the roadstead of the Skagen port and the seizure of ship documents. The arrest of a ship belonging to the Russian state was an interim measure in a third party claim, the diplomatic mission explained. According to him, the statement of claim is related to the previous activities of the vessel.

According to TASS, the lawsuit was filed by the Canadian company One Ocean Expeditions Ltd, which organizes expeditions in the North Atlantic Ocean and off the coast of Central and South America, as well as Antarctica. “Akademik Ioffe” was built in 1988. Among other things, the ship was used for experiments on long-range sound propagation in the ocean.

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