Expensive gift given to wife..! How can Chakochan do all this..!

Kunchacko Boban’s latest movie Nna Than Kes Kodu is a huge success in theaters.. Along with the movie being a hit, the star’s interviews are also getting attention.. Now the interview given by Kunchacko Boban to an online channel called Ginger Media is getting attention. A fan favorite with an incredible sense of humor, Chakochan spoke candidly about his personal life… his wife Priya and his son Isaac.

In the interview, the actor’s answer to the question of what was the most expensive gift given by Kunchako Boban to his wife Priya is taken by the fans.. Kunchako Boban says that the most expensive gift given to Priya was me. Also, when asked whether the family has a problem in doing intimate scenes, the actor replied that he got permission for two or three scenes.

Priya is Kunchacko Boban’s ardent fan and his life partner.. Theirs was a love marriage.. After many days of waiting, the star’s son finally came to life, the only days of happiness in the star’s life. He also talked about his son in the interview.

The actor had opened up about his son’s preferences. Chakochan says that he will correct me in many things. The actor added that not only his son but also the current generation.. We should be more updated to keep up with them.

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