Expert panel also recommends Biontech vaccination for children in the USA

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After the emergency approval of the corona vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer for children between the ages of five and eleven in the USA, a panel of experts from the health authority also gave the green light.

The formal step had been expected. This means that the vaccination campaign for the approximately 28 million affected children in the USA can now – as already planned by the White House – start this week.

According to Biontech / Pfizer, a clinical study showed that the vaccine was “well tolerated” for children of this age group and produced a “strong immune response” one month after the second dose. Compared to adults and adolescents, the five to eleven year olds were given a significantly lower dose of the vaccine. They received the second injection they needed after 21 days. The study included 2,268 children of that age.

US President Joe Biden hailed the move as a “turning point in our fight against Covid-19”. “We have already secured an adequate supply of vaccines for every child in America,” said a statement from the White House. For parents, months of worrying about their children because of Corona have now ended.

The vaccine from the German manufacturer Biontech and its US partner Pfizer is already approved in the USA for children and adolescents from the age of twelve and for adults. The active ingredients from Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are currently only allowed to be used in adults.

Biontech and Pfizer have also applied for approval of their corona vaccine for children in Europe, as they announced in mid-October. Accordingly, they transmitted the relevant data to the EU Medicines Agency (EMA). A decision by the EMA is planned before Christmas.

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