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“And against the background of chronic prostatitis and general weakness, libido and erectile component naturally decrease,” Redko explains.

The rate of spread of coronavirus in Russia

Weekly growth rates of new cases,%. Week to week comparison.
We are considering the period from the beginning of May 2020, when the number of daily tests for coronavirus exceeded 200 thousand.

Source: federal and regional headquarters for the fight against coronavirus

Data for Russia i

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Kasyan proposes to separate the psychological and general somatic components from the effect of coronavirus on the vessels of the penis, which could cause vascular impotence. At the same time, he notes that it is difficult for a patient “who barely survived” to realize sexual function.

“In addition, COVID-19 leads to endothelial dysfunction, that is, to problems with the endothelium – the tissue that lines the vessels from the inside. The endothelium is most pronounced in the lungs, so in patients the most serious problems arise with the lungs. But there is a hypothesis that endothelial dysfunction leads to erectile dysfunction, ”the expert adds.

Earlier, the increased risk of impotence in men was announced in the Telegram channel of the stopkoronavirus.rf portal, which provides official information from COVID-19 from the government. A video was published on the channel on October 20 stating that after suffering a coronavirus, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases by 5.6 times.



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