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Recently, cases of fraud have become more frequent – attackers come up with various schemes to steal personal data, thanks to which they can steal funds from Russians. The experts interviewed by Izvestia told what types of fraud are now popular and how to protect themselves from them.

Today, the leading positions among fraudsters are occupied by such methods as phishing (mailing) and vishing (phone calls), says Vladimir Ulyanov, head of the Zecurion analytical center. According to him, despite the publicity about scammers and their methods of work, people still become victims of their crimes. In addition, more and more so-called insiders appear – people who commit internal corporate violations and steal confidential information.

At the same time, new tricks of fraudsters have appeared recently.

“Often new types are associated with the news agenda, for example, recently a large bank organized a promotion and handed out pizza, then fake sites appeared where you had to leave your bank card details in order to receive a pizza as a gift. Scammers also exploit the names of public people, announce sweepstakes and prizes, and this works well, ”Ulyanov said.

Attackers mainly take advantage of people’s fear for their savings. Victims of fraudsters often think that if they do not perform the operation they are asked for, the money will certainly be stolen, the expert emphasized. Fraudsters, in turn, feel uncertainty in their voices and, based on the age of the interlocutor, know what words to say to get the person scared. In addition, people often want to solve a problem here and now, rather than go to the bank and waste time on it. As Ulyanov added, scammers often use scripts written by experienced psychologists, and they themselves made more than one hundred calls, so they sound very convincing.

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How can you protect yourself so as not to become a victim of scammers?

“If we are talking about vishing, firstly, you can install programs that determine who is calling you from an unknown number. In case of suspicion, it is enough just not to pick up the phone. Secondly, if you nevertheless picked up the phone and heard indicators, for example, “money was debited from your card,” “confirm the operation,” “you are supposed to win” – it is better to hang up, call back the official number in your bank and explain the situation … It is not necessary to continue the conversation in order to bring the fraudster to clean water or make a joke – this is just a waste of time and additional risks, ”the specialist shared.

You should also not open suspicious emails and click on the links they contain, and it is also better to ignore the recommended links in social media groups.

“If we are talking about business, then DLP class systems help to protect confidential data. They control the entire flow of information within the company, analyze the content of documents, and some even know how to protect against photographing the screen with a smartphone, ”concluded Ulyanov.

Oleg Sedov, Director of Cybersecurity for the Population, Rostelecom-Solar, in turn, recommends remembering that the Internet is the same world as the physical world, where there is a possibility of being deceived. It is important to be critical of everything strangers say, the expert emphasizes.

“It must be remembered that any information about you, especially personal and payment data, is of great value, so you need to study the rules for handling it (for example, there are reminders about this on the websites of all major banks), and generally include healthy suspicion if unfamiliar to you people ask or demand to disclose some information about themselves. In general, fraudsters seek to induce a person to take any action immediately, so a request to do something urgently is a separate bright marker that you are communicating with an attacker, ”he said.

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Sedov also urged to hang up if the call came from some organization, be it a bank, a security agency or a travel agency, and the interlocutor asks to do something. Then you should call back there yourself by the phone number indicated on the official website.

On August 24, it became known that the People’s Front (ONF) sent a letter to the head of the Ministry of Tsifra Maksut Shadayev, in which he proposed to introduce criminal liability for the substitution of telephone numbers, in particular, the organization of special services that implement such initiatives.

On the same day, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs spoke about the identification of telephone scammers using typical phrases that are used by criminals in the process of communicating with a potential victim. As a rule, malefactors tell about some relatives who are in trouble, or threaten to check the organization.

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