Experts predict a record export of goods from Russia

At the end of the year, the amount of Russian exports will exceed $ 500 billion – for the first time since 2013, Citi Bank predicts. Already, the volume of sales abroad is close to multi-year highs, and the rise in prices for basic commodities continues, the analytical note “Record trade volumes are unlikely to pull the ruble with them” is specified (Vedomosti got acquainted with it). According to customs data, the volume of exports in monetary terms in January-July amounted to $ 187.4 billion. Moreover, in July, goods were sold abroad in the amount of $ 48.9 billion (an increase by 13.7% versus June, and by 98% versus July last year). , 2%). The last time values ​​exceeding this amount were recorded in December 2013 ($ 49.6 billion).

Citi analysts attribute the acceleration of exports to the price rally in the commodity markets – primarily in the oil and gas markets. The price of Brent crude oil on September 30 reached $ 78 per barrel – the last time it was at such levels in October 2018. Gas quotes at the TTF hub in the Netherlands on the morning of September 30 again broke a historic record. The price of November natural gas futures on the ICE Futures exchange on the morning of September 30 reached 91.845 euros per 1 MWh, or $ 1102 per 1000 cubic meters. m, according to the exchange data. Moreover, the historical record for gas prices has been recorded for the third day in a row. The day before, it reached the equivalent of $ 1061 per 1000 cubic meters. m. On Monday, a historical maximum of $ 1030 per 1000 cubic meters was also recorded. m of natural gas.



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