Experts report on virus taking screenshots for Apple computers

Apple in the update of the operating system macOS 11.4 has eliminated a vulnerability that allowed secretly recording video from the screen and gaining full access to the disk, Jamf said. She noted that her specialists found malware that actively exploited the vulnerability to take screenshots of the desktop.

MacOS apps usually ask the user if they want to grant permission to record screen, save files, record keystrokes, and other sensitive actions. The viruses detected by Jamf searched the computer for popular applications that had already been given such permissions (for example, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Discord), and then injected themselves into a legitimate program.

The vulnerability is not limited to the ability to take screenshots, as other special permissions can be passed to the malware, warns Jamf. The company encouraged users to update sooner and more frequently. Jamf also posted a list of domains that can be used for remote virus control.


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