Explosions at the airport of Ukraine occupied by Russia! Satellite photos showing the damage

Bombings at an air force base on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, which is part of Russia, have revealed damage.

Crimea, a part of Ukraine in the former, Soviet Union, was recently annexed by Russia. Subsequently, Russian forces have also captured naval and air bases in Crimea.

A series of powerful explosions have recently occurred at a Russian air base near seaside resorts on the annexed Crimean peninsula. Long-range missiles from Ukraine were suspected to have been fired at it.


But Russia’s Defense Ministry said it was caused by the detonation of stored explosives and was not the result of an attack. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials said about the damage caused by the explosion, the air base was destroyed in a fire that exploded on Tuesday at the Sagi Air Base in Crimea.

When the bombs exploded, warplanes, surveillance planes, military transport planes etc. were stationed at that air base. In that incident, 6 Russian planes were destroyed there.

Compared to the satellite image taken before the blast, it has been revealed that many warplanes have been removed.


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