EXPO 2027 | Malaga will not host the 2027 International Exposition

EXPO 2027 |  Malaga will not host the 2027 International Exposition

2023-06-21 13:37:14

It could not be. Málaga no will be the headquarters of the International Exhibition of 2027after the Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions de Parishas selected the city of Belgrade as organizer of the thematic exhibition ‘Let’s play for humanity: Sport and Music for all’scheduled for four years from now, ahead of, unfortunately, the capital of the Costa del Sol, Minnesota, Phuket and San Carlos de Bariloche.

Malaga reached the final vote, in which the Serbian city prevailed by 81 votes to 70, fulfilling the rumors and expectations of the previous hours in which the majority of the delegations gave the Balkan candidate as a favourite.

In the first ballot, the Argentine candidacy of San Carlos de Bariloche had 8 votes (eliminated), half that of Phuket, while Minnesota had 19, Málaga 42 and Belgrade was in the lead with 54. In the next one, they fell phuket with 15 votes, for the 21 of Minnesota, 48 from Malaga and 69 from Belgrade. The next to fall was the American proposal, which obtained 23 supports compared to 53 from Málaga and 74 from the final winner, Belgrade.

De la Torre and Salado, during the first vote of the BIE Assembly. A. I. M.

The favorite won in the previous hours

The Belgrade proposal began to emerge as a favorite in the halls as the first vote began. Since Serbia is a country belonging to the Non-Aligned Movementan international organization that was born during the Cold War and that has 120 states, many of them also members of the Bureau, could accumulate a large number of ceded votes, as has ended up happening.

A situation that distanced Minnesota as the most attractive candidate – as has been speculated practically from the beginning of the election process – for the United States geopolitical weight and his diplomatic power, essential to win the vote of the members of the BIE. Finally, these predictions were fulfilled.

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