Expo Dubai, Gabriele Salvatores will talk about the Italian regions


Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores will tell the visitors of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai about the regions of our country that from today begin their journey towards this year’s great global event.

With a press conference on the digital platform of the Foreign Press, the Commissioner for the participation of Italy has unveiled the project that will see the territories as the absolute protagonists of the exhibition itinerary of the Pavilion at the next Universal Exposition starting on October 1st. Salvatores – chosen by a commission chaired by the writer Sandro Veronesi – is entrusted with the task of narrating the beauty of the country evoked by the title of the Italian participation – ‘Beauty unites people’ – which in turn declines the claim of Expo Dubai ” Connecting minds, creating the future ”.

In the coming weeks, the Oscar-winning director’s gaze, with the production of Indiana Production, will cross the Regions that have joined the project, making shots that will then be edited and finally proposed for the entire duration of the exhibition semester to visitors to the Italian Pavilion.

The whole story of the Pavilion was imagined as the journey of a glance. At first, visitors will find themselves admiring the landscape of the exhibition itinerary and then enter along an itinerary of narrative architectures made of expressing contents the best of Italian competence and beauty: from cinema to theater, from landscapes, to the most innovative companies, from cutting-edge technologies to sustainability.

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The story constructed by the Director with the participating Regions provides a series of highly scenographic and impactful contents starting with those of the Belvedere, the place from which beauty is seen: a circular window on the territories of the country with 360 degree projections of the most evocative Italian landscapes which also means the importance of protecting and caring for this priceless value that our country represents for the whole world. The path continues with the film about ‘Knowing how to do’ Italian, told on a screen of 100 square meters and capable of showing the visitor the best of ‘artisans’, agri-food, mechanics, design and the use of the most sophisticated technologies; the narration continues with the ‘Short Stories’, temporary exhibitions with a thematic study on our culture and art as well as on contemporary innovations in the fields of health, medicine, space and design.

“I believe that beauty, art and even if we want the pleasure of life that Italy is well able to supply and export can really help change the world,” said Gabriele Salvatores. “The Italian beauty that Gabriele Salvatores will masterfully describe is the beauty that is based on the diversity of its territories and its knowledge: so our Regions will be, for the first time in a Universal Exposition, artistic partners of the Italian Pavilion, realizing its contents for the entire period of the Expo “, said Paolo Glisenti, commissioner general for Italy’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai.” To relaunch tourism, starting with the experiential one, but also to increase the attraction of capital international companies towards the business supply chains from crafts to large industry, and to increase the attraction of human capital towards centers of scientific and technological competence destined to generate innovation and sustainability in the future ”, added Glisenti.

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“All the landscapes of our country, with the exception of the natural ones, are in fact a direct expression of Italian know-how. I am very happy that it is an author like Gabriele Salvatores, with his sensitivity, to tell and decline all this ”, declared Davide Rampello, artistic director of the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.


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