Exposed wedges! Verešová and Budková showed everything with slits up to the waist

Exposed wedges!  Verešová and Budková showed everything with slits up to the waist

2023-06-24 05:00:00

The Slovak beauty enjoys high slits and more than once she showed almost everything, because panties did not always fit under the models. But that’s over because Andrea has a knack for it.

Eccentric dresses, transparent and high slits are all over the world. And this is exactly the kind of dress our brand sews. We try to cater to everyone and be trendy,” boasted Bleska Verešová, who changed her clothes several times during the fashion show at Špilberk Castle. And not only as a catwalk model, but also at parties.

Andrea Verešová Markéta Reinischová

At the beginning, she came in a black dress with a deep neckline and a high slit. Even though the wind constantly ruffled her dress and the model tried not to show everything, she failed. More than once she showed her entire lap. Luckily she was wearing panties.

And it is precisely for this reason that we sew body panties into dresses and also body mesh over the breasts. You can’t see it at first glance, it’s subtle.” smiles Verešová.

Other models were revealed during the fashion show of designer Zuzana Lešák Černá. Miss Tereza Budková (32) brought out the dress that Eva Burešová (29) brought out some time ago to the premiere of the musical The Bodyguard, and revealed her lap during the spin! Her panties were high cut, so she could twirl like a duck.

The high-slit models brought out other models who also showed off what color panties they were wearing.

Andrea Verešová

Author: Flash: Martin Hykl

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