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The far-right German AfD party will be placed under surveillance by the secret services because it represents a potential risk to democracy. The surveillance does not involve parliamentarians and will not start immediately because Alternative for Germany has filed an appeal. The AfD is the largest opposition party to the Bundestag, in the last elections it had reached 13 percent and before the pandemic, especially in the Eastern Länder, it gained more and more weight. It does not govern, but it makes itself felt. The pandemic has changed the balance and the AfD has also seen its support drop. A discussion has begun among the leaders of the party on how to recover points, a very heated struggle on which path to take, whether to move towards the center and hopefully aspire to future alliances with the conservatives, or whether to go to extremes, if possible again. More. The decision of the internal secret services to put the party under observation indicates how the AfD is perceived in Germany: no one thinks of its normalization, it is indeed perceived as a danger to German democracy, “suspected of political extremism”.

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