Leaving the Perm State National Research University, Alexey Trapeznikov was about to get into the car and leave, but did not have time. “The guards at the entrance asked me to come back, and I immediately noticed a bloody man running up to the building, apparently his underbelly was shot, he fell,” the Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent in Perm told DW. what place “.

This Monday, September 20, Trapeznikov was at the Perm State National Research University for a presentation. Returning to the campus, he began to film what was happening from the window of one of the buildings, but he did not see the criminal himself. When he was neutralized, the journalist followed in his footsteps.

When Trapeznikov describes what he saw, his voice sounds calm, but the shock has not yet passed: “I walk along the corridor, I look – a corpse lies, a woman screams, a grandmother, one of those who sit at the entrance to the buildings. It was some kind of unreal, nightmarish picture. “. According to the latest data, at least six people became victims of this attack, dozens were injured.

“They shoot at a bear, at an elk like that”

Trapeznikov saw the bodies of the murdered young guys, students, but did not take pictures of everything on camera: “There are moments that cannot be filmed.” According to him, traces of buckshot “of a very large caliber” used by the shooter – “huge holes, they shoot at a bear, at an elk, they leave very terrible wounds on the body.”

A cartridge case from a used cartridge – one of those that the criminal shot

The journalist said that he saw a video in which the offender first wounded the guard on the porch, then dragged him inside and “finished him off right in the head in full view of everyone, people began to scatter, and then went on to kill everyone he could.” “It was a very daring attack,” says the journalist. He is confident that the civilian guards could not stop the gunman.

“There has never been such a massacre in Perm, we have a rather calm city,” says Trapeznikov. According to him, no one could have thought that this could happen, although the exercises were carried out, and at the first moment some took what was happening just for the next exercises. The journalist believes that what happened is very similar to the incident in Kazan, where in May 2021, as a result of an attack on a gymnasium, nine people were killed: “It’s as if they know each other or someone is following someone else’s example.” According to him, the case in Perm is “even worse”, since the attacker “staged hostilities on the territory of the university.”

“I thought it was a fire, but they said there was shooting in the building.”

Ivan Pechishchev, Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism at Perm University, went to class with his students. The lecture began at 11:30, the teacher was a little late. Passing the eighth building of the university, he suddenly saw students jump out of the windows of the second floor. “There were screams, panic reigned, everyone was running away somewhere … I began to ask what was happening, – at first I thought it was a fire. But the students said that there was shooting in the building. Immediately after that I heard the sound of clapping. It became scary, we are all rushed away from the building, “- says Pechishchev.

Students jumped out of second floor windows trying to escape

Students jumped out of second floor windows trying to escape

The first thought, he continues, was about his students. “I understood that they were waiting for me, I was a little late, I thought that they had no information there about what was happening, that they would start to worry, God forbid, they would leave the building … So I tried to get to them as soon as possible. “, – says the teacher.

Having reached by roundabout routes and under the cover of cars to the second building, where the lesson was to take place, he found that the building was blocked. “The security service worked, blocked all the passages, blocked everything, and with great difficulty I got inside – I had to show the employee’s ID,” he says.

“Everyone was scared, some of the girls were crying”

By this time, his students had already learned about what was happening from social networks, everyone was very scared, some of the girls were crying. “We were sitting in a locked building and in a closed auditorium, and from time to time they announced to us over the speakerphone that we must stay inside and in no case should we leave the room. they were taken out of the building in an organized manner, “says Pechishchev. After that, everyone was sent home, classes at the university were canceled, its entire territory was cordoned off, investigative bodies, emergency services and many ambulances arrived there.

Emergency services and ambulances on campus

Emergency services and ambulances arrived at the university

Residents of the city, according to the teacher, are shocked by the tragedy at the university: “While I was walking down the street home, three people had already approached me: a neighbor, my colleague and one student. okay. It’s a shock for Perm. ” Classes in some schools, universities, colleges were canceled – a feeling of anxiety and fear reigns in the city.

Students will need the help of psychologists

Ivan Pechishchev is sure that many students after the tragedy at the university will need the help of psychologists: “When I left the building, I met with colleagues from the Department of General Psychology. And judging by the band I was with, I know they are right. ”

He does not support the idea of ​​transferring students to distance learning. “This means that they will be left alone with their thoughts, with the stress experienced … And I saw only students from my group, whom all this, thank God, did not affect, and there are those who were in this nightmare … So that many students will definitely need psychological help, and there are people at the university who can provide it, “says the teacher who witnessed the tragedy.

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