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Eyewitnesses to the conflict at a school in northeastern Moscow on September 30 told the chronology of events.

So, according to the interlocutors of the TV channel “Zvezda”, the students began to fight with the father of one of the schoolgirls, after which the man decided to shoot in the air. It is noted that the girl was quite modest, but allegedly used drugs.

“The girls and I were leaving the school, everything was as usual, but there was a company from the tenth grade in front of the school gates. Then we saw a man with a girl from the same tenth grade. She was crying, her dad asked: “Which one?” After answering, he pounced on one of the students. Friends of this guy began to protect him and beat the man. He was almost lying on the ground and suddenly took out a pistol and fired upward, ”said one of the incident witnesses.

As other eyewitnesses said, the man dealt with his daughter’s classmates or children from a parallel class.

The incident took place earlier that day. The man fired several shots into the air outside a school in northeastern Moscow, threatening his daughter’s offenders.

To date, it is known that the tenth grade students after school began to sort things out, the reason for the skirmish is unknown. One of the schoolgirls became a participant in the conflict and at home told about what had happened. The girl’s father came to the school and opened fire to scare the teenagers.

The man was later detained. It turned out that he had previously worked in a private security company (PSC). According to some reports, the man was armed with a Glock traumatic pistol, for which he has a permit.


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