F-16, ammunition… Update on arms deliveries for Ukraine

F-16, ammunition… Update on arms deliveries for Ukraine

2023-05-23 13:30:00

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INTERVIEW. Jean-Pierre Maulny, specialist in defense issues, summarizes the aid provided by Europe and the United States to kyiv.

Interview by Jean Guisnel

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Jean-Pierre Maulny is Deputy Director of the Institute for International and Strategic Relations (Iris). He leads ARES Group (The Armament Industry European Research Group), a network of European researchers specializing in defense industry issues.

He answered our questions about arms deliveries to Ukraine. In proportion to their respective capacities, those of the United States and Europe are comparable. As for responsiveness, the Europeans were quicker…

Point : US President Joe Biden has just authorized countries with F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters to prepare to deliver them to Ukraine. What does this new step mean?

Jean-Pierre Maulny: She had been preparing for a while and the logic of these future supplies of these equipment…

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