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(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 13 – “I am proud of the Commissioners. I think I need some time to think about it, but certainly what happened creates a precedent. And I believe it will be an important precedent for the safety of the pilots,” and stresses that there are strict rules to be respected “. Lewis Hamilton, as Autosport reports, talks about the incredible accident at Monza between his Mercedes and Max Verstappen’s Red Bull, who was penalized with three positions less on the grid in the next GP, in Russia. “Things like this – says the multiple world champion – will continue until we learn from what happens on the track, and I personally have no history with this type of accident. Ultimately, when you get away with things like that, then you will continue. to do them “. Hamilton evoked a kind of code among the drivers: “We are all at the limit. But every driver, present or past, when inside, will try to maintain their position. Of course when you enter the corner wheel to wheel and the car next to you. it is next to you on the outside, so you have to leave some extra space. But there is a known rule that says that the driver who is in front has the right of way when cornering, and the other must give it to him. ” “Surely – concludes the British – we must analyze what happened and make sure that the right decisions are made. Nobody wants to get hurt, and probably if we can put in place a better protocol, then in the future we will be able to avoid this type of thing”. (HANDLE).


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