F1: Porsche and Volkswagen could enter the Circus from 2025

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Formula 1, Porsche is considering entering the World Championship from 2025

Porsche and Volkswagen (the parent company) could enter Formula 1 starting in 2025, according to reports from the BBC. Each decision will depend “on the direction of the next engine regulations to be introduced in 2025”.

Porsche Motorsport Vice President Fritz Enzinger explained that “it would be of great interest if aspects of sustainability, such as the implementation of e-fuels, were to develop. If these aspects were to be confirmed, we will evaluate them in detail within the VW group and we will discuss further

What are e-fuels? These are zero-emission fuels that can power internal combustion engines without the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuels.

F1 thinks of e-fuels as a turning point for the Circus starting from 2025. “Porsche and Volkswagen AG are observing the evolving regulations in all relevant motor racing in the world, therefore also what concerns the new regulation for Formula 1 engines from 2025, “explained Enzinger.

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