Fabio Rovazzi and Orietta Berti launch ‘The Italian Disco’

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2023-06-06 10:08:36

A white, blue and orange Volkswagen van with the figures of Fabio Rovazzi and Orietta Berti roams the streets of Milan in a clip. The voice of the former, in the guise of the knife grinder, invites people to contact them for festivals, ceremonies, restaurants, christenings, baby showers and much more. The gimmick is the original launch campaign of the upcoming new single ‘La Discotheque Italiana’, the result of the collaboration between the two artists. The song on the radio and digitally from 9 June.

“Is your life boring? We’ll take care of it! Your son’s birthday party didn’t go as you hoped? We’ll take care of it!” says Rovazzi’s recorded voice. Just call the fake number of the ‘meneger’, 329 0382706 and become part of ‘La Discotheque Italiana’ of which you can listen to a preview at the end of the message.

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