facbook: META loses $ 224 billion in 3 months ..! Mark Zuckerberg in pain – facebook parent meta loses 224 billion

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Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, recently regularized its management and brought all sectoral businesses under the parent company, Meta, so that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram would not be compromised.

Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s official, said things about Facebook’s mistakes, and bad quarterly results had a big impact. Facebook has been facing more and more problems over the past year, from former US President Donald Trump not deleting his record until advertisers suspended their business. It has been facing various irregularities and problems such as bad quarterly results and cases registered against the younger generation being more affected by Instagram. Over the past few months, Facebook shares have been facing more trading turmoil due to these problems. It has fallen about 19.7 percent since its September 7 peak. The meta company’s market has lost about $ 224 billion in total value over the past 3 months since the Facebook name change. The announcement by Omigron and the Federal Reserve in the US market over the past week has also had a major impact. Through this, the value of the meta share is also facing a huge impact. Francis Hogan shocked the world by releasing documents about the many works that Facebook is indirectly doing. Francis Hogan has been a product manager at Facebook for 2 years, working on the company’s civic integrity team. Francis Hogan has been monitoring the spread of misinformation on the Facebook site and working to ensure that meta companies operate without compromising people’s democracy. He has found that there are many disorders in it and has published the relevant document.

Francis Hogan said a few weeks ago that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is trying to escape with this meta rebranding, first that Mark Zuckerberg should step down as CEO, thereby giving Facebook a chance to ensure the safety of the public.


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