Facebook, “533 million data stolen by hackers”

The phone numbers and personal data of 533 million Facebook users from 106 different countries, including home addresses and emails, were stolen by hackers. This was reported by a report published by Business Insider, which specifies that of the total, 32 million are US users, 11 million from the United Kingdom, 6 million Indians.

“Although they are at least a couple of years old – it says – these data could be used to steal identities and commit more credible online fraud”. Facebook, which through its spokesperson Lily Sheperd, replied: “They are old data whose theft had already been reported in 2019” and “the problem was solved in August of that year”.

According to the report, as far as Italy is concerned, the data stolen by hackers belong to about 37 million people. The stolen information also includes the person’s full name, the place where he lives and what he visited, the date of birth and the eventual relationship in progress. At the moment, even if the flaw was discovered, reported and closed by Facebook in 2019, the data could still be in circulation, especially in the deep web and in Telegram chats.


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