facebook: meta: Zuckerberg: Facebook mouse down! Usage Drops 32 Percent in 7 Years: Why?

New York, First Published Aug 12, 2022, 12:43 PM IST

A survey conducted among American youth revealed that Facebook usage has dropped from 71 percent to 32 percent in the past 7 years.

These details were revealed in a survey conducted by Pew Research.

In 2014-15, Facebook usage among American teenagers (13-17) was 71 percent. But now it has come down to 32 percent.

teen usage on Facebook has decreased dramatically over the last seven years.

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The arrival of the Chinese video app Tik Tok has made a big impact among the youth and has drastically reduced Facebook usage. Especially the arrival of Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat etc. is the reason for the decline of Facebook.

67 percent of teens said they use TikTok occasionally, while only 16 percent said they use it regularly.

In 2022, Google’s YouTube has received good reception among the youth and teenagers. 95 percent said they use YouTube.

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6 out of 10 teenagers use Instagram and Snapchat, followed by TikTok. Facebook has only 32 percent of this. Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, Reddit, Tumblr also have a significant share.

The arrival of TikTok and Instagram Reels is the main reason behind the decline in Facebook revenue and usage. According to the study, the revenue from Instagram and Tiktok Reels is 100 million dollars.

According to the study on the decline of Facebook, “After 2014-15, the use of Facebook began to decline gradually after the release of TikTok. The use of Facebook has decreased among the youth, while the use of Instagram and Snapchat has started to increase. The use of Twitter and Tumblr has also decreased.

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teen usage on Facebook has decreased dramatically over the last seven years.

A key observation in this study is that boys use apps like YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit more than teenage girls. But, women use TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat more than men.

Black and Hispanic youth use TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp more than white youth.

35% of teens report using either TikTok or Snapchat on a regular basis. After that they said that they are using YouTube.

teen usage on Facebook has decreased dramatically over the last seven years.

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Overall, 19 percent of teens regularly use YouTube, 16 percent use TikTok, and 15 percent use Snapchat.

This is stated in it.

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