Fact check: does vaccination affect the female cycle?

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For weeks, women have been reporting heavier, weaker or irregular menstruation and intermenstrual bleeding after the corona vaccination. But is the female cycle actually influenced by vaccination?

Indeed, there are officially reported irregularities in the period in both Austria and Germany. Furthermore, it can be assumed that many menstrual cycle disorders are not stated at all, judges the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

Experts consider a correlation between vaccination and menstrual cycle disorder to be unlikely. The committee responsible for risk assessment at the European Medicines Agency also sees “no causal connection between Covid-19 vaccines and menstrual disorders”. Menstrual irregularities are common. “The reasons can range from stress to fatigue to medical causes.”

“The phenomenon that women would experience a permanent change in their menstrual cycle after a vaccination is unknown,” says Christian Albring, President of the German Professional Association of Gynecologists. The Salzburg gynecologist Sebastian Pagitsch takes a similar view. “An immune reaction that the vaccination also wants to provoke can affect a woman’s period in the short term – but it regulates itself again quickly,” said the doctor recently in an interview with SN.

In fact, there is no study that inquires about the influence of a vaccination on the cycle, adds Albring. “It makes sense to include such queries at a certain stage in the development of vaccines.” But that is not easy, because it has to be taken into account in which cycle phase a woman is currently.

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