Facundo Farías: his present at Inter Miami and what it is like to play with Messi

Facundo Farías: his present at Inter Miami and what it is like to play with Messi

2023-09-27 02:15:13

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He laughs, he lives a dream. After going through very difficult times throughout his life, today Facundo Farías enjoy an unimaginable present: in August he bought it Inter Miami and shares a squad with Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and he is one of the best partners that such a man found Leo Messi upon arriving in Las Garzas. “It’s not very difficult: you have to give it to him and let him do what he knows”summed up in just one sentence what it is like to play alongside the Argentine star.

Facundo Farias – 9-26-2023

Facundo Farias with Olé

-How did you find out that Inter Miami wanted you and you were going to play with Messi?

-It was very crazy, more than anything because I had recently returned from the injury and I didn’t think something like that would happen so quickly. I didn’t play more than eight games and all this happened… When my representative told me about it, I didn’t hesitate one bit. I wanted to leave my city because I needed a change of scenery and besides, there was already talk that Leo’s situation was advanced and that helped me make the decision.

-And what is it like to share your day-to-day life with Messi, Busquets and Jordi Alba?

-Very good! The three of them are very human, very good people and the relationship with everyone is like that, a great group was put together. We all get along very well.

-You already had a photo with Messi before going to the United States and even a Columbus shirt signed by him…

-Yes, that time when representatives of all the Argentine soccer teams came to the property, and they named it after themselves, the club sent me a shirt and I had them sign it. But I took it home, I didn’t return it. I kept it, but in Colón they didn’t tell me anything, heh.

Farías and his photo with Messi in Ezeiza. Now, they are companions.

-And have you already asked for a shirt from Inter?

-Yes, I have one. I asked him shamefully, but I asked him. And later, when we became champions, I had mine signed by him and all my teammates.

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The Columbus t-shirt signed by Leo that Farías keeps as a souvenir.

-Did he give it to you right away? What did she say?

-(Smile). She looked at me and said “do you love her?” Yes please! I told.

It barely takes just over a month at the La Florida club, does not even reach 10 games with the shirt of Beckham’s team, but he has already scored three goals and has become an important piece. “The truth is that I adapted quickly. For us players it is easierwe continue with the same routine, we just change clubs… But there It is more difficult for the familybut we are doing well,” said the 21-year-old boy in the chat with Oleputting himself in the place of Angi, his wife, and little Valentino who turned three months old yesterday.

Facu with Angi and little Valentino.

-Is it true that Pipo gave you advice on how to take care of the money before you left Santa Fe?

-Yes, he told me that a lot of people were going to show up here and that I should handle the money issue calmly, that I should save it and wait for when I feel that I have to invest it. The truth is that in Colón there is a very good and very human coaching staff, I always got along well with them, and Pipo always keeps sending me messages, he asks me how I am…

He has eight games at Inter Miami and three goals. (Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports).

-You are a big fan of Colón, is it true that as a child you refused to play in Unión?

-(Series). Yes, I played for Santa Fe Fútbol Club and we were all left with the pass in our hands. The majority went to Unión and I, because I didn’t have resources and because my classmates took me, I went to a test… But I never put on the shirt, I just went to the test and stayed, but the next week I went to Colón . They threw the colors at me, heh.

-From a distance the classic is played the same, the other day in the game against Orlando you crossed paths with Gastón González, former Unión.

-Yes, I don’t know what he told me about him winning a classic and I told him that I was champion, I don’t think it compares, heh. For us, in the city, the rivalry is very great.

-Returning to the present: What differences did you find between Argentine soccer and that there?

-For me, here it is more physical. All the players are big, strong and very fast, so you have to avoid friction when in Argentina they like friction. What happens to me here is that you get a man off your back and immediately you have him back again, they are always running, heh.

-Inter Miami is a new club, which had not won champions. And now they won the Leagues Cup and now they have another final, today against Houston Dynamo for the US Open. How are you for that game?

-Very well, we prepare for this. We are having many games in a row, so from a tactical point of view we couldn’t do much during the week because we had to recover after the game and we already played again. We are calm but eager to win, obviously.

-Watching the games, you get the feeling that you are one of the best partners Messi found. Do you feel that way?

-(Think). Yes, maybe so. The truth is that you just have to return it to him, it’s not very difficult. Leo makes a very big difference, he is the one who can make us win a close game and he is always tempting, you see him and you want to give him all the balls.

-Dybala once said, and he was misunderstood, that it was difficult to play with Messi because it is difficult to guess what he is going to do…

-And yes, out there he gives you a ball among five and it is difficult for you to get it among those five, so it is difficult to return it to him. He does things that you don’t expect, there are passes that he gives you that you don’t know how he did… It’s incredible!

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To remember: Farías’ greeting with Leo. (Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports)

-No, I’m embarrassed about that and I try not to bother him too much. But at some point, if I gain a little more confidence… Anyway, by watching it you learn a lot. Although what he does can’t be copied, heh.

-And you didn’t ask him to talk to Scaloni so he could call you to the National Team either?

-Nooooo. You are crazy? I hope I get that at some point. The truth is that for the player, representing Argentina is the best and I will work for that. It is something that I want very much and I always hope for it, but I am very young, I have many years ahead of me and I hope that the opportunity will come to me at some point. If it’s my turn, I will take advantage of it and try to take the National Team very high, like the guys who are there did.

Farías in his first steps at Inter Miami

Inter Miami – 26-9-2023

Facundo Farías scored the first for Inter Miami

Facundo Farias – 9-26-2023

Farías for Inter Miami’s 1 to 0

Lionel Messi – 26-9-2023

The clash of hands between Messi and Farías at Inter Miami

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