Fail five times in Physics; An old man who learns at the age of 84 that “I will pass and pass”! |84 year old man goes to study physics in order to finish his secondary education

It is in this context that Ernie feels the need to make amends for his physics failure 66 years ago. When he studied at Chichester College in West Sussex, he failed physics five times in a row.

Now in his old age, he returns to his college once a week to study to pass Physics.

Helen Loftus, principal of the college, said, “When we found out that Ernie wanted to study physics, we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

We all have an ambition, a purpose. We are proud to support Ernie in his pursuit of his goals. We have waived the course fee to help him achieve his dream on this trip.

We often say that there is no age limit for reading. It’s amazing to see it in action now.

There are many advantages to having students of all ages in the class. There are many benefits to having people of different ages and backgrounds learn together. They bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to the classroom,” he said.

At the age of 84, Ernie is a great role model for all of us who has taken action to overcome the lost!


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