Moments of fear during Gianluca Grassadonia, 48, the Abruzzo coach, fell ill on the bench and lost consciousness. The game was interrupted in the 86th minute to treat the former defender, who recovered after a few minutes and went down to the locker room accompanied by his team’s doctors. The meeting resumed after about ten minutes. The match of the 33rd matchday in Serie B was 1-1 and thus ended after more than 11 minutes of recovery.

Cardiac arrest took place 23 years ago

Grassadonia in the 1998/99 season had risked dying on the pitch, with the Cagliari shirt: there was not yet the obligation of defibrillators in sports facilities and, at the Udine stadium, on 29 November he had a cardio-respiratory arrest after a contrast with an opponent who involuntarily hit him on the head. He was saved thanks to the interventions of the goalkeeper Alessio Scarpi and the Udinese doctor Giorgio Indovina, who reanimated him through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and three cardiac massages.

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