Fairy man who has been in love with dolphins for 6 months! Pakir information released

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The news that someone has been in close contact with the dolphin for 6 months in the United States has caused great controversy.

Malcolm Brenner lives in Florida, USA. Malcolm Brenner, 63, has told many shocking information. That means he has been in love with the dolphin for 6 months.

He has written and published a book on his experience of love with dolphins. He said he was seduced by a dolphin when he went to the park in Florida.

Not only that but in 1970 he was close to the dolphin for six months. What he said about this is that it is human nature to love animals. Initially I did not have much interest in dolphins. But then I started to fall in love with it.

I named it Dolly. There is a lot to talk about with the love life he had with the dolphin. He also said that the dolphin committed suicide when it went to another place without enduring its division.

He also mentions in his book that the dolphin was depressed for five years after Dolly’s death.


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