Fake Green Passes sold for € 100 on Telegram: four suspects, identity documents and health cards seized from dozens of customers

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They proposed on Telegram chats Fake but fully functional Green Passes, for sale in one hundred euros each. The scam was discovered by the Special Privacy Protection and Technological Fraud Unit of the Guardia di Finanza in an investigation coordinated by Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office which led to a series of searches and kidnappings. According to what is learned, there are four suspects who have already admitted their responsibilities. Several were found during the searches identity documents and health cards of dozens of customers.

The searches involved several citizens residing in Veneto, Liguria, Puglia and Sicily, administrators of the Telegram accounts on which they advertised the passes, each with their own working QR code. To support the authenticity of the certificates, the suspects said they could count on complicity of members of the Health Service and, in any case, they guaranteed customers the possibility of getting their money back if the pass didn’t work. Payment had to be made strictly in cryptovalue.

The investigations and technical checks on the phones and devices of the suspects made it possible to find and seize photographs of identity documents and health cards, reports of tampons with negative results, false reviews of customers who had previously purchased the counterfeit passes and cryptocurrencies with which the certificates were paid. There are dozens of customers who, in addition to having lost money, they have shared their data with the suspects in the hope of having the Green Pass without having to vaccinate or take a swab. The investigation was coordinated by the deputy prosecutor of Milan Eugenio Fusco and by the substitutes Bianca Maria Baj Macario and Maura Ripamonti.

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