Fallen by Putellas – The penultimate living Raulista

Fallen by Putellas – The penultimate living Raulista

2023-09-23 00:10:27

Today it has fallen Miguel García Cabauntil now Head of Integrity of the Spanish Federation soccer. It is, after Vilda and Camps, the third name of a Shopping list that the players requested by phone and the Higher Sports Council, that is Iceta, that is Moncloa. It is an indecipherable and open blacklist that could also include, in the near future, Ruben Rivera, head of marketing, and anyone, including you and me. Anyone who has recently breathed the same air as Rubiales, and I did recently in Seville, could be condemned without knowing it. And, of course, everyone in Las Rozas who was there for him could have their hours numbered. Because? Nobody knows. But today García Caba, whom I don’t have the pleasure of knowing, has probably already been hung up on. sexist sambenito or something even worse. It is? It is also not possible to know unless Francos asks Rocha and the president of the management company agrees to share his knowledge with the rest of humanity. Because this is another: Do they consider us Spaniards so deficient in the federation, in the Superior Council and in the Government as to protect us from this information? Is she reserved? Even when? In the last fifty-four years the Government has declassified documents eight times, the first about the GAL, the last about Operation Kitchen. Will we have to wait half a century to find out what Putellas wanted? By then she will be 79 years old and I will be 110. I don’t know what my health will be like back in 2073, but I’m sure I won’t be too interested in knowing her demands.

Some speak of nine names, some suggest there are eleven.in some circles it is said that They could reach up to fifteen…This macabre lottery, this dark tick tock, This dictatorship of gossip and gossip has been installed there by these players, which are already boring. And if I know that they are boring, it is for the simple reason that, at least to me, people on the street tell me so: “Not a step back from the blackmailers”. What we are talking about is not equality, but quite the opposite, a profound inequality: here there are those who shoot without a reason and those who simply fall like a partridge or a rabbit. Today, as I said, it was this person, García Caba, whose sin is unknown to this day. As, by the way, what Jorge Vilda committed remains unknown, unless it is considered sinful to sit Misa, who had a rather poor World Cup, and do the same with the leader Putellas, who was not even the shadow of the soccer player who really is.

If the reason for the dismissal is having been elected by Rubiales, everyone has to ipso facto go to the streets. Also, by the way, the promoted ones. There have been some promotions whom Rubiales signed and whose suitability for the position was then at least debatable and now clearly questionable. And there are valid people in there, the thing is that I don’t want to give names so that they don’t sacrifice them before their time. Yesterday Putellas said that they did not add or remove but that is a lie. They put and take away, of course they take away. They take away more than they put in, but they also put in. And they denied having asked for the head of Montse Tomé, so that it could be almost assured, almost in a scientific way that The coach has the weather information from a news program in there. If I were her I would have left by now because they are not respecting her.

The truth and truth is that football has stopped being interesting, it has taken a backseat. More or less heads will fall, they will put Boquete or Putellas as coach, with Misa second. The Pentagon Papers will be declassified or not, more or less t-shirts will be screen-printed and people will travel in first class or in economy, but, in the end, the soufflé will go down. And also the curtain. The neon lights will go out, who today thinks he is Britney Spears will finally realize, the great social conquest will have consisted of seeing Boquete toasting with a fake Champagne for the evil of others and we will all continue to wonder why? Yesterday, after everything we have experienced, I still had to see how some journalists were outraged because there were those who said they didn’t know what they wanted. Well no, we don’t know. Or, at least, I don’t know. I would be sure that right now not even they know. But, while they decide, let the ball roll and heads too. They are for free. And, even more important, they are foreign, they are the heads of others. Until the bells ring for you. Or do it for me.

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