Fallen Dynasty announces its first DLC

Fallen Dynasty announces its first DLC

2023-05-30 11:30:00

Team Ninja has announced “Battle of Zhongyuan”, the first DLC for Wo Long

Team Ninja confirmed a few weeks ago that the soulslike, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, had reached almost 4 million players, with more than a million copies sold. The game is, in the words of the study, a resounding success, and they appreciated the support received; anticipating that they were already working on 3 DLC´s further.

Thus Team Ninja They do not want to abandon a title that for them has a long journey. Let’s remember that Wo Long: Fallen Dinasty came to Gamepass the day of departure. Thanks to the Microsoft service, the game has reached not only the million people who bought it, but also 3 millions of players more through the service. They seem like minor figures if we talk about AAA titles, but let’s remember that Wo Long is “not suitable for all audiences.” your high difficulty and his style soulslike They have made many players think twice before sinking their teeth into it.

The publisher, Cow Tecmono developer Team NINJAyou have still revealed the trailer for the game, but what they have confirmed is that Wo Long: “Battle of Zhongyuan” will arrive on June 29 of this same year. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with all the news about Xbox. You can also enjoy our videos on the channel Youtube or direct through Twitch. We leave you the launch trailer.

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