falling prices, especially for gasoline

Prices at the pump lost last week between 4 and 5 cents per liter for gasoline, and 2.5 cents for diesel.

Good news for motorists, fuel prices are falling. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, published on Monday, diesel pump prices fell by several cents per liter last week. The decrease is more marked for gasoline: -4.9 cents in one week for unleaded 95, -4.2 cents for unleaded 95-E10 and -4.7 cents for unleaded 98 For its part, diesel fell by only 2.5 cents per liter.

Thus, gasoline was displayed at the end of last week between 1.5 and 1.6 euro per liter on average (1.57 euro for the SP95, 1.50 euro for the SP95-E10 and 1.60 euro for the SP98). Diesel fuel cost 1.75 euros per liter on average.

Prices are therefore continuing their decline, which began last June and has been almost continuous since – excluding the rise in diesel over the last two weeks of August. Since their peak in mid-June, diesel has lost nearly 38 cents, SP95 56 cents, and SP95-E10 and SP98 nearly 59 cents.

If the downward trend is partly explained by the lull in the oil markets – the barrel of Brent lost another 6.6 dollars last week, to be displayed at 90.7 dollars, far from the more than 120 dollars of the month of June – it is also artificial. It stems from the discounts on fuels put in place by the State on the one hand, and by TotalEnergies on the other.

The first went from 18 to 30 centimes per liter for the months of September and October. Added to this is that of the oil giant, which went from 12 to 20 centimes on September 1, in place until the end of October. A rebate which System U and E.Leclerc recently asked to benefit from, the energy company being both their competitor and their fuel supplier.

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