False dentist unmasked by Nas The complaint is triggered, the study closed – Pescara

PESCARA. The plan was to seek treatment abroad, to save on dental treatment. Then, however, a patient agreed to undergo dental services in a study in Pescara but the results were very bad. The consequence was a lawsuit that led the Nas carabinieri to discover an abusive dentistry, then denounced, while the studio that hosted him in the city, not his, was subjected to seizure, with the complaint of the medical director.
The incident investigated by the Carabinieri of the Nas of Pescara, coordinated by the lieutenant colonel Domenico Candelli, takes its cue from the vicissitudes of a man – not from Abruzzo – who had planned to treat himself abroad, probably to spend less, one of the many users of the so-called “dental tourism”. The man got in touch with a dentist, or presumed one, who summoned him to Pescara for a preliminary visit. Presenting himself for the appointment, the man entrusted himself to the dentist who decided to perform the surgery directly in the Adriatic capital but the treatments were not decisive, indeed.
The patient suffered injuries and decided to assert his reasons by filing a lawsuit. He explained how things went and the men of the weapon started the investigation, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Andrea Papalia. A little at a time it emerged that the conditions for performing that intervention were not there because the dentist, in essence, had no qualification to enroll in the Order and yet he carried out the profession and relied on an absolutely regular study, in Pescara. , which still opened the doors for him.
The complaint for abusive practice of the profession was triggered both for the dentist who could not carry out the activity and for the medical director of the structure that welcomed him, a dental office where other professionals also work.
The Nas military has also seized the entire building where everything happened, that is the headquarters of the Pescara studio, whose value amounts to about one million euros. (f.bu.)


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