Families: Chevrolet Travers and Equinox renewed in the country

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Chevrolet importer to Israel UMI opens the year 2022 with the marketing of two nuclear models in Israel: Chevrolet Equinox and Traverse after a question received a targeted update. As part of the facelift, it will sell for the first time in Israel the RS model, which is saturated with sporty motifs on the outside and inside, and will enrich the family’s 5- and 7-8-seat models of the manufacturer in Israel, thereby joining the RS Blazer. For the Equinox this is the first (visual) refresh since the third generation was introduced in 2016, and for the Travers, now the second generation of the series introduced in 2018 it is also a similar innovation program.

None of the models has any changes in dimensions, so the focus of the polishes is on the visual level and on the levels of equipment and safety devices. The Equinox will be marketed in four packages, starting with the LT, LT Plus, dual-propulsion LT and the senior RS model on offer. Already in its standard equipment are all the most advanced safety systems, including 360-degree perimeter cameras, active lane departure correction, peripheral parking sensors and a system for preventing children from being forgotten in the back seat.

At its level of equipment you will find keyless propulsion, an 8-inch main monitor, dual-zone climate control with rear air vents, an electronic trunk door and more. The RS model adds unique 19-inch rims, a panoramic ceiling, heated front seats, leather upholstery and front and rear bumpers in a more sporty design (featured). There is no change in the barrel and it continues with a 1.5 h turbo engine 170 hp in connection with a standard 6-speed automatic transmission. It accelerates from standstill to 100 km / h in 9.2 seconds.

The facelift of the Travers It’s a sort of “American” line alignment with some of Chevrolet’s large models (vans) including the Tahoe and Saberben, but it’s still closer in design identity to the Aquinox, so adopts a sharper front end with some headlight changes with full LED lighting and innovations in bumpers at both ends. It will be marketed in Israel in 6 packages: LS, the LT front-wheel drive, dual-drive LT, the RS, the Premier model and the most expensive High country model.

Like Equinox, it will also be marketed with safety upgrades already at the entry levels for the family, including a warning of cross-traffic in the back, a warning of hidden space in the side mirrors, and the like. In the LT models and above, the Traverse is also equipped with electric folding mirrors, and inductive charging for the cell phone, and the dual-propulsion version of the LT package also has adaptive cruise control. More senior versions (Premier) also add a vibration warning in the driver’s seat for deviation from the lane and an 8-inch digital dashboard. The RS model is characterized by additions such as 20-inch rims and such and other dynamic features inside and out.

The Traverse continues with its traditional 3.5-liter V6 engine connected to a 9-speed automatic transmission. The maximum power is 350 hp and 36.7 kg available from 2800 rpm, with acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.2 seconds and a towing capacity of a ton and a quarter.

Prices for the renewed Chevrolet Equinox in Israel:

LT Plus model for NIS 173,000

Model LT Plus front-wheel drive for NIS 183,000

RS model for NIS 188,000

Prices for the renewed Chevrolet Traverse in Israel:

Model LS for NIS 260,000

LT front-wheel drive model for NIS 270,000

Classic dual-propulsion LT model for NIS 288,000

LT model, dual propulsion for NIS 303,000

RS model for NIS 315,000

Premier model for NIS 335,000

High country model for NIS 360,000


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