Families have invested more than 11,000 million euros in Treasury Bills

Families have invested more than 11,000 million euros in Treasury Bills

2023-05-28 17:49:34

Sunday, May 28, 2023, 5:49 p.m.

The increase in the remuneration of Treasury bills, due to the rise in interest rates, has aroused an increasingly growing interest among families to invest in this savings product and in the first two months of the year they have already placed more of 11,000 million euros, with which they hold 10.4% of the total amount in bills, according to data from the Public Treasury. In January, households invested 3,695 million euros, an amount that doubled in February to 7,613 million euros, 10.4% of the total, with which between the two months they have invested some 11,300 million euros in this product.

Last year, families barely invested 16 million euros in January and February. At that time, the profitability of the bills had a negative interest rate of 0.5%. In the last year, the interest offered by Treasury bills to savers has not stopped rising due to the rate hikes decided by the ECB, and in the last bill auction held by the body, the marginal return was between 3.09% for the reference to three months and 3.222% for nine months, the highest return in more than a decade.

Debt purchases can be made by appointment at the Bank of Spain, through the Treasury website in the ‘securities purchase and sale service’ option, as well as at financial institutions (banks or savings banks) and at companies and agencies of values.

In March and April, requests from individuals to invest in bills through the Treasury website reached 1,521 and 1,325 million, respectively, which represents a daily average, in April, of 44.2 million. This ‘boom’ for Treasury bills is also motivated by the slow and scant remuneration being offered by the main banks for deposits to individuals, which in March was 1.31% compared to 5.4% offered in 2008.

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