Famous actress information about the incident that happened in her childhood

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Devolina Bhattacharjee, a popular Hindi serial actress and Bharata dancer, recently spoke about the sexual violence she suffered as a child.

In it he said that the math tuition teacher in his childhood had misbehaved with him. He further added that he wanted to lodge a complaint with the police but could not do so as his parents refused.

This is what Devolina said about the incident on Flipkart’s Ladies and Gentlemen Season 2 show.

He was the best teacher there. Everyone will go to tuition with him. All the students and my two best friends went to the tuition just for him.

Suddenly, for a week, they (my friends) stopped going to tuition. Then I went to tuition alone.

Then the teacher misbehaved with me. I came back home and told my mom about it. We went to the teacher’s house and complained to his wife. But, I thought I should take drastic action. But my parents did not agree.

This is my advice to the community and all parents. He says whenever your children face such suffering, please take action.

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