Famous choreographer Sivashankar is worried || Famous choreographer Sivashankar is worried

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Sivashankar Master, who has worked as a choreographer and actor in several films, has been admitted to hospital in critical condition.

Record: November 25, 2021 23:46

Sivashankar Master is a well known choreographer and actor in Tamil cinema. He was also the choreographer in many leading actors’ films and played the lead role in films including Kanna Laddu Tinna Aasaiya, Thillukku Tuttu and Thana Crowd.

Sivashankar was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital with a corona infection. It has been reported that his health is deteriorating and he is in dire financial straits to cover the cost of his treatment.

Sivashankar Master along with his wife and eldest son have been suffering from corona and have been admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad for treatment. The youngest son Ajay has been taking care of the trio since.

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