fanatic got on the stage and did not want to let go (VIDEO)

fanatic got on the stage and did not want to let go (VIDEO)


The singer Belinda made a presentation in Guanajuato this weekend, and as usual, many of the people who support her artistic career ended up attending to hear her perform her greatest hits, while she ended up getting a big surprise in front of everyone.

By: The NY Journal

The Spaniard allowed a man who was in the audience to get on stage to share a few seconds with her, although she did not expect him to behave in that way, as he would not let go. In addition, when the security tried to lower it, her fan clung more to the singer and almost made her fall to the ground.

Christian Nodal’s ex-partner told him: “I swear that if you relax they will not catch you.” Therefore, she was obliged to control the situation that occurred. Later, after taking it down, she mentioned the following: “Stay there and drink that and breathe because it almost gave you something, you scared me. It’s fine, nothing happens.”

You can read the full note at El Diario NY


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