Fanpage investigation, Gad Lerner at Accordi & Disaccordi (Nove): “Meloni comes from that world that considers it a terrible mistake to deny fascism”

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“Someone believes that Giorgia Meloni was surprised by the anti-Semitic jokes of Carlo Fidanza? She comes from that world, a world that she believes You end up a traitor for having renounced fascism ”. So the writer and journalist Gad Lerner ad Agreements & Disagreements, the political talk led by Luca Sommi e Andrea Scanzi, with the participation of Marco Travaglio, broadcast on New commented the reaction of the leader of the Brothers of Italy to the video investigation of on the contiguity of the party with the Milanese neo-fascist environments. “Reading pages 70 and 71 of Giorgia Meloni’s book (the autobiography ‘I am Giorgia’, ed) is found that she has been since 2004 intimate of this gentleman (Carlo Fidanza, MEP of the Brothers of Italy, ed), who was his rival to become leader of the youth of the National Alliance – explained the editorialist of Daily fact – Giorgia Meloni knows perfectly well Jonghi Lavarini (the so-called ‘Black Baron’, ed), who in fact also exhibited their photographs together. He comes from that world, which world, always reading his book, has nothing else, not only claims Almirante’s legacy, but adds precisely that it was a terrible mistake from Gianfranco Fini renounce fascism by declaring that it was absolute evil“.

“There are not only the words of Giorgia Meloni – objected, however, the editorialist of Libero Alessandro Giuli, another guest of the episode – there is the suspension, induced, with all the evidence of Carlo Fidanza. The full length shot ended up in the hands of the prosecutor, so it will become the subject of careful vision and reflection (Fidanza and Jonghi Lavarini are under investigation for illicit financing and money laundering, ed). After that, if we want to open a debate on the relationship between the Brothers of Italy and neo-fascism or border environments, I risk not giving you much satisfaction because I’m uncompromising anymore by Giorgia Meloni, like and more than Giorgia Meloni – explained the journalist – I used expressions that were also quite truculent to say that you have to detoxify without any hesitation towards puddles not yet drained of neo-fascism. The political judgment of a fascism constitutional right, which swears by the Constitution, must be unequivocally, relentlessly, irrevocably of condemnation“.

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Also for the deputy Pd Alessia Morani the condemnation must be absolute, a condemnation that, in the case of Meloni, there was: “The words spoken were not clear and there is a basic ambiguity which serves to intercept a piece of the vote, said the so-called ‘Black Baron’, that 5% of far-right votes that appeal to the Italian right-wing parties ”, he concluded.

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