Fans enthusiastically welcomed the film director-actor who came to Tanjore


The film Pattathu Arasan, which is set in Thanjavur, has been released on the 25th and is running in theaters. Actor Atharva is the protagonist and Ashika Ranganath is the heroine.

Rajkiran, Radhika, Singambuli, R.K. Suresh, Singh hails from Vallad, Thanjavur district. Muruga and Singh are child stars from the same area. Starring Gokul, Shivanisingh and others.

This film has been directed by Charkunam from Ampalapat, Thanjavur district. He has already directed and produced 6 films including Kalavani, Vaagai Chudava, Nayiandhi, Chandiveeran.

It is noteworthy that the film Waagai Chudava has received a national award.

In this situation, the director Sarkunam and Singh from Valladha acted in the film. Muruga arrived at the Vijaya Theater in Tanjore and was given an enthusiastic welcome by the Tanjore fans. Many people enjoyed taking photos with them.

In an interview given by director Sarkunam at that time, Pattathu Arasan is the seventh film I have directed.

Next I will direct a web serial. After that, the announcement of my next film will be announced.

Actor Singh. Muruga says, I feel proud that I am from Thanjavur acting in a film based on Thanjavur district. Singh Gokul and Shivanisingh from our region as child stars have acted well in this film.

Sargunam, who directed the film, is also from Thanjavur district. I am acting in a web serial next. After that, the announcement of the next films will be made, he said.


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