“Farentzadi Piero? At first he was not enthusiastic about coming to Israel”

“Farentzadi Piero? At first he was not enthusiastic about coming to Israel”

The last summer is considered one of the most successful for Maccabi Haifa in recent years. The Greens, who marked the group stage of the Champions League as the main goal in the short term, were looking to strengthen themselves in a number of positions and as quickly as possible, in order to allow Barak Becher and his team to prepare in the best way for the European tasks. The one who was at the heart of the Greens’ affairs, and was even directly involved in the biggest deal in the club’s history, is the Israeli-French player agent Jonathan Ben-Baronwho brokered the Ferenzadi Piero deal.

ahead of the match against PSG tomorrow (Tuesday, 22:00, live on 5SPORT) As part of the fifth round of the group stage in the Champions League, Ben-Baron took the time to tell the Sports Channel about the atmosphere in France ahead of the second match between the Israeli and French champions, the attitude expected of the Maccabi Haifa fans, the deal for Frantzadi Piero, Mikal Alphonse and the right back who was very close to signing with the club – C ‘Verden Ikoko.

“In France, they are afraid of a hostile atmosphere, because of the fans,” Ben-Baron opened his words and chose to compliment the Greens. “They were impressed by Maccabi Haifa in the first game, PSG will take Haifa seriously. They have many games until the World Cup and they take every game seriously,” he added.

As I recall, 16 years ago Hapoel Tel Aviv came to Parc de France and achieved a historic 2:4 win there, but it also had a tragic price. “The French media are talking about the events of the loss to Hapoel Tel Aviv from 2006,” continued the agent. “There was an attempt to attack Hapoel Tel fans and a PSG fan was killed in clashes with the police. There will be heavy security forces tomorrow,” he added .

On the treatment expected of Maccabi Haifa fans in the French capital: “There is always a somewhat hostile atmosphere towards the Jews in Paris, the Jews always have to be careful. It has become a habit not to hang around in areas that are considered dangerous. PSG has invited the head of the Jewish community to the game tomorrow.”

However, Ben-Baron said that despite the more significant respect in Paris for Maccabi Haifa after the first meeting that ended 3:1, the engagement with the Greens is not particularly in-depth: “We don’t deal with France and the media in the team itself. We are talking about the French players and those who played here like Partanzadi Piero When Haifa hosted Paris, the CEO of PSG was very impressed with the welcome, they were enthusiastic about the atmosphere and the stadium. We enjoyed the whole experience.”

As mentioned, one of the most significant landmarks last summer for the Greens was around the Fiero deal. The striker, who was purchased for 1.6 million euros from Gangan, is the most expensive player in the club’s history: “The deal was long and exhausting, I mediated between the two clubs. I tried to bridge the gaps between Haifa and Gangan. It was not easy, but we succeeded. At first, the player was not enthusiastic about coming to Israel, he wanted to wait for other offers. Also thanks to him, Haifa is in the Champions League.”

Afterwards, Jonathan Ben-Baron revealed the feelings of the striker in Haifa, this after scoring 5 times in the Champions League qualifiers and 3 times in the league: “He is very satisfied with the move he made, happy with how the team received him, that he is a central screw. He was impressed Fortunately, he didn’t expect such a thing. He told me: ‘I’m going to play in the Parc de France.'”

Another player who played in the greens with Abed Ben-Baron is Mikal Alphonse. “Why didn’t he stay? You have to ask them, he really wanted to stay at Maccabi Haifa,” said the agent. “He would have preferred to stay in Haifa and not play in the French league. He connected with the fans, loved the club,” he added.

As part of the search for a foreign right defender, one of the main names that came up on Maccabi’s radar was Jordan Ikoko. Remember, last January the Greens eventually signed Mikael Alphonse, while this summer it was Daniel Sondgren who was chosen to fill the position. “It was a matter of timing,” said the agent. “In January, he had no problem coming to Israel, but he didn’t want to move the children from school in the middle of the year. He had a few months left in Ludogratz. I hoped that Mavis Chibuta’s arrival would make him come, and it almost happened. In the summer it was already late because Haifa was on Sondgren. In football it’s a lot about timing,” he revealed.


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