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time.news. Ubaldo Giacomucci, founder of the Tracce publishing house, died together with Nicoletta Di Gregorio of which he was editorial director. Poet, literary critic. Publisher of great value and full of passion.

Ubaldo, of Venetian origins, had long since settled in time.news. He was an avant-garde intellectual, he also dealt with visual and sound poetry, mail art and poetry-show, intercode and multimedia experiments. Well known in Abruzzo, in time.news in particular, he has organized numerous exhibitions. He was 60 years old.

On Facebook, many certificates of esteem for Ubaldo Giacomucci. This is part of the long post dedicated to him by Maurizio Acerbo, national secretary of the Communist Refoundation.

“I greet my friend Ubaldo Giacomucci with a heart full of gratitude. Like Marco Tornar and Paolo Pablo Sax Sponsilli, Ubaldo was an angel of our city, a poet and an intellectual of enormous sensitivity who for years has distributed poetry and culture.
He was a very valuable and passionate publisher. Ubaldo was popular and avant-garde. It is no coincidence that he helped us in the 80s to make the Spleen magazine and in many other more or less underground initiatives …

Ubaldo was deeply tied to the territory, to our city and to our region. But that didn’t make him a provincial intellectual at all. It was up to date and with national, indeed planetary, reports.

Hi Ubaldo thanks for everything you have done “.


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