The actress disappeared from an incurable disease. He was 57 years old

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Isabella De Bernardi, actress and advertiser, who became popular and still was so popular after more than 40 years, for the role of the hippy girlfriend of Carlo Verdone in Un Sacco Bello (1980), died. She was born in Rome on July 12, 1963, daughter of the screenwriter Piero. The debut in the cinema was in the sign of Verdone who offered her the role of Fiorenza after having seen her turn at her father’s house during the drafting of the first screenplay. Other roles in the cinema always in Verdone’s films: Borotalco (1982) and The child and the policeman (1989). And then with Alberto Sordi in Il Marchese del Grillo (1981) and I know that you know that I know (1982). He had also participated in one of the first Italian long series, I Ragazzi della III C, but he is with the hippy with a slurred speech, with easy swear words in Roman dialect (`a beam ‘he said to Carletto’s father, that is Mario Brega, or«? A st **** or, exclamation point ») who managed to give a sort of vintage snapshot while remaining tied to that girl forever. She left the cinema to find her way into the passion for drawing and graphics: to become artistic director at the Young & Rubicam agency and art director. She died prematurely today due to an incurable disease

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