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CITY SANT’ANGELO. A “brave warrior”, an “example” for young people and all those who knew him for his “jovial character and always attentive to the needs of others”. Alfonso Planamente, 68, a transport entrepreneur who worked for Acqua & Sapone, has left, leaving a trail of love.

He had been hospitalized for a few days in the hospital where he lost his battle against Covid last Sunday.
Born in the Angolan city, he lived in the Fonte Umano district with his family. He leaves, in grief, his wife and six children, his brother, his two sisters, his parents and grandchildren. The funeral took place this afternoon in the church of Sant’Agostino in Marina di Città Sant’Angelo and the body was buried in the town cemetery. Planamente worked for Acqua & Sapone. The top management greet him by emphasizing “his honesty and dedication to work”.

Mayor Matteo Perazzetti remembers it, moved: «He was a very beloved person in the town. Compagnone, jovial, a funny guy. Everyone liked it,
an exceptional person, he was very busy in the community ». (c.c.)


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